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Louis Armand

Ask me 3 Questions

Ask me 3 Questions

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After purchasing this reading, this is what will occur:

I’ll email you within 48 hours from

You’ll then submit 3 question to me via email to present to Spirit or myself.

I’ll be communicating with your spirit guides, angels, ancestors to bring to you the answers to your questions, as well as any additional information that is communicated to me.

I'll email you with the channeled answer to your question within one week of when you purchased your reading.

Emergency readings are not included in this service.

Please note:

Please make sure you submit the correct email address so I can give your reading to you on time. Double-check everything!

I do not answer questions regarding health and physical ailments, etc. I reserve the right to not answer a question but will allow you to ask another. 

This is a written reading, we will not be getting on a phone or zoom call.

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