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Louis Armand

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

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CHRIST Consciousness or ONENESS consciousness is an elevated state of higher consciousness, a state in which we are connected to our higher self, our true nature.  CHRIST Consciousness resides at the 12 Level of Dimension which is accessible through meditation and Embody living as per God design of Consciousness. 

We embody the wholeness of our emotional Body, Etheric body, Physical Body and transmute it to the level of Christ Consciousness.

When talking about Christ Consciousness, we are not referring to the personality of Jesus but the totality of universal Consciousness.  

Operating from the Heart Chakra and seeing through the suffering of ones' life helps to elevate the vibration of which we are operating and liberate from the reincarnation cycles.

Christ Consciousness helps to see beyond the limitation and veil imposed by the system and see the Unity Consciousness which is our intended embodiment.

Please note: This is a 2 session zoom Meeting. 

After 48hr I'll email you from for a schedule meeting.


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