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Louis Armand

Kundalini Awakening Energy

Kundalini Awakening Energy

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Kundalini is an energy that remains coiled at the based of the spine. When it raised, the kundalini flows through the 7 chakra which instantly leads to spiritual enlightenment. 

“Kundalini” is a Sanskrit term meaning “coiled,” and it refers to a specific type of meditation that's believed to have the ability to fully awaken your potential for awareness.

When Kundalini ascends towards the top of the head, beatitude is experienced and a very intense light is perceived. The light that accompanies Kundalini’s awakening is one of the
essential spiritual experiences as revealed by mystical persons of all religious traditions.

Please note: This is a 2 session zoom Meeting. . 

After 48hr I'll email you from for a schedule meeting.

Throughout the session, we'll discuss your evolution in your spiritual path and which stage you have attained. 

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