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Louis Armand

Meditation Lessons

Meditation Lessons

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Meditation = easier said than done isn't it? 

Daily meditation can help you perform better in any ways of life.

Yogis and researcher found that meditation helps increase your focus and attention and improves your ability to multitask.

Meditation helps clear our minds and focus on the present moment – which gives you a huge productivity boost. Lowers risk of depression.

Accelerating Your Spiritual Journey -

The purpose of meditation is that God above may manifest in man below—as above, so below. This is the highest teaching which God can impart to man before opening the portal of reality and Self-awareness. Meditate in order that the beauty of the Divine may come into manifestation within you, that the Higher Image may surround you, and that you may literally become that image.

When one meditate the connection to higher dimension or higher self can be attained thus ending the unconscious journey.

Please note: The session is a zoom Meeting. 

After 48hr I'll email you from for a schedule meeting.

Throughout the session, we'll discuss your evolution in your spiritual path and which stage you have attained. 

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